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We have no right to expect them to prove how much we meant and we shouldn’t really expect them to stroke our ego because we don’t like it when they expect it from us.Part of the reason why we look for validation from our exes and wonder if they still care about us is because we are in pain, we likely haven’t moved on, and we like to think that our exes are also in pain and that they haven’t moved on.Deciding that someone doesn’t care at all invalidates your entire memory of the relationship and the person. Not all relationships are meant to work out and every person cannot be The One.This doesn’t mean that if people don’t jump to your beat or the relationship ends that they didn’t care at all for you, but depending on what they have been and done in the relationship with you, it may mean they they didn’t care of it is because on some level, we had hoped that by no longer being with them that it would cause them to miss us and to ultimately treat us better.Whatever it is, stop punishing yourself by telling your that they don’t care about you.

If it’s dysfunctional, at some point, at least one of you has to get off the merry-go-round.Of course when they have and we haven’t, or we deem it ‘too soon’, we think, One of the lessons I learned from my various relationships is that we’re not clones of each other and that just because we share a relationship with someone and may even believe that we think alike and that we’re ‘soulmates’, it doesn’t mean that we can’t each have very different ideas about how we should behave after the breakup, and one of the biggest sources of friction is where we think that the other party isn’t ‘considering our feelings’.While I certainly feel that there’s a respectful period, particularly where mutual friends are concerned when it’s the ‘done thing’ not to flaunt your new relationship or your happy single life, there is a limit and a line that shouldn’t be crossed. You will also find that if you found it tricky to control them of it.When they move on or they don’t run around trying to demonstrate how much they care, we feel out of control.This is because we are still hurting and struggling to move on, and them not contributing to the emotional pot makes us not only feel away about the pain that we’re holding onto but also makes it even harder to hold onto any last illusions we may be clinging to. If they don’t get in touch, or send you a Christmas card, beat your door down begging to get back together, or make more of an effort to chase you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care at a difference.

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As I listened to myself I suddenly wondered what the hell I was doing and then wearily he said, and deep embarrassment hit me.

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